We’re back from a weekend playtesting at CEO, the annual fighting game championship held in Orlando, Florida. Huge thanks to all of the players, competitors and commentators who helped test the game!  

Because we’re still a few months away from revealing gameplay, we asked the playtesters to stay mum on the details. But we did gather exit surveys from all 68 of those who played -- here’s a small peek at the results!

Favorite Characters from the CEO Playtest

The CEO playtest build was the first one to include Xana, so we were very interested to see how she fared against demo mainstays Kidd and Ashani. We were very excited to see Xana get nearly as many votes as Kidd, despite being a largely new archetype added to the game. The grappler was particularly popular among fans of more recent platform fighters. Power suit-wearing Ashani broke away from the rest with 44% of the votes, with players enjoying her rushdown style.

We got a trove of data to update all three, and we’re excited to see how the roster fares in the next popularity contest. We hear a certain gunslinger might be waiting for them.

Up Next: EVO

Our next playtest will be at the EVO Championship Series. If you’re attending EVO, stay tuned on our Twitter for more info on how and where to find us!