Creating is hard. Whether you’re a painter, a programmer or an eSports startup, going from zero to one requires hard work, strong vision and incredible tenacity.

This is true for any form of content: YouTube videos, stream casting, modding, and even game development. For the Community Council, we have players and builders already on our side; we knew we needed creators as well, guiding the game in its earliest stages.

To do that, we grabbed some of the most transformative figures in the Platform Fighter community.

Meet the Creators

Video Game Boot Camp (VGBC)

In order to become a spectator sport, you need spectators. Just ask Calvin “GimR” and Matthew “Aposl” Lofton, the brothers behind the #1 Platform Fighter channel: Video Game Boot Camp.

Originally conceived in 2009 as a YouTube series to help players improve, VGBC discovered there was a market for high quality gaming content. GimR and Aposl transformed VGBC into an event and media production company, founding the weekly Xanadu tournament series and packaging their streaming solution for large events. This marriage of content creation and professional production grew them to more than 30 million views on Twitch.

The Loftons and their team played a critical role in the growth of Platform Fighters, and their partnership with Wavedash is the next step in that evolution. VGBC brings their streaming and video skills, as well as deep insight into what creates a game’s most exciting moments.

Watch their work on display this week as the Pound Series makes its triumphant return.


Taylor "Warchamp7" Giampaolo

As head admin of Smashboards, a producer and stream director for Canadian-based eSports organization ESChamp, and a respected member of the modding scene, Taylor “Warchamp7” Giampaolo has driven massive growth across the whole Platform Fighter genre.

Warchamp first came across the world of competitive gaming in 2006, and his immediate reaction was to buy a capture card to record his practice. Nearly ten years later, he now boasts experience running large scale events, livestream production, web development, video editing, and modding. He knows all the connective tissue necessary for growing a game alongside a community.

What do you think?

This isn’t the first time VGBC and Warchamp have teamed up, but it will be the biggest. They are already positively influencing our game prototype, and you can read about its progress by following us on Twitter, where we’ve begun sharing our commit messages. Swing by, watch our progress, and tweet at us – and if you see the Loftons or Taylor at an event, ask them if they Wavedash.