When you gaze around the room in any platform fighter event, you see the pros and their throngs of fans, the casual players grinning at their first tournament, and of course setup after setup, each crammed with competitors. There are also those who you don’t see – those whose work happens between events, those who tirelessly grow the scene, and those who live behind the curtain of the main stage.

As we sought the best and brightest for our Community Council, we knew we needed those voices as well. Today we'd like you to meet Arda and Sesh, the community builders who are shaping development.

Meet the builders

Arda “Ish” Aysu
Arda is quietly everywhere. Starting in New Jersey with the release of Super Smash Bros: Brawl, he relentlessly advanced the metagame for his favorite character, Wolf, both in his local scene and through online forums. Along the way, Arda learned Brawl backwards and forwards, eventually leading ambitious community projects such as the character match-up chart.

With the release of Smash 4, Arda has shifted his attention towards encouraging new players and tournament organizers to build a lively local scene in his current region, NorCal. Arda’s extensive knowledge of the more recent platform fighters makes him a powerful complement to the more Melee-focused members of the Council.

Sesh “Sesh” Evans
As a passionate competitor and an advocate for women in the scene, Sesh works tirelessly to grow the platform fighter community for everyone. To Sesh, helping new players join the scene is the best way to create diversity, strength and solidarity within the community. She knows the game is competitive at all levels – especially high levels. But for beginners, it's more about playing rather than just winning. Everyone has to start from somewhere.

Plus, Sesh literally knows how to put on a show. A film industry veteran, she sees gaming as a media production designed to delight the viewing audience. As eSports continues to drive a collision between videogames and media production, folks like Sesh are critical to creating experiences that engage both players and spectators.

eSports Are About the Players

Companies don’t build eSports. Players do. Arda and Sesh, along with Charlie and Hugo, have spent years building their respective communities, crafting them into grassroots engines that grow all on their own. This time around, we’ll see what they can do with full developer support behind them.