Today we want to introduce you to a team that helps us stay true to the community. The fittingly named Community Council is a formal body of players teaming up with us to shape the game we all want to play.

The Council includes leading minds from throughout the community. We’re proud to announce two of the seven members today – two players you’ll probably see a lot of on stream this weekend. 

Announcing Our First Council Members

Hugo "HugS" Gonzalez – We were eyeing Hugo for our dream team from the moment we started the project. An active smasher since 2004, his relentless work ethic earned him a top-20 MIOM ranking in 2015, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Charles “Cactuar” Meighen – The game moves in slow motion for Charles, a.k.a. Cactuar, a.k.a. Cactus. The 10-year Melee veteran combines a deep knowledge of the game’s mechanics with detailed research in competitive psychology, which have made him one of the most respected coaches in the scene.

HugS and Cactuar help us spot the hidden nuances that drive high level tournament play, and to better understand the implications of a wide range of design decisions.

We’re excited to share the remaining Council members in coming weeks, along with content directly resulting from their involvement. Follow our trip to Genesis at @WeWavedash, and wish Cactus and HugS luck.

Time to run off to our pools!