The rumors are true! We're proud to announce that we're building the next great Platform Fighter, one inspired by Super Smash Bros., engineered for eSports, and crafted by the community.

Early in 2015, we had a feeling we just couldn't shake: that the Platform Fighter community was ready for something new, and that we could build it. We owe our professional existence to Super Smash Bros. After getting our start through Smash tournaments, we went on to build game industry careers with the hope to one day create a title that affects others' lives the way Smash affected ours. With Platform Fighters about to hit the mainstream, now is the time.

 Tournament victory poses are way better than company headshots

Tournament victory poses are way better than company headshots

We spent the better half of 2015 interviewing, researching and testing with everyone we could corner, hitting events like Super Smash ConParagon LA, and Big House 5. You shared the same vision that had been keeping us awake at night. A developer-supported, grassroots-powered platform fighter. Free-to-play, in the same mold as the current most popular eSports, that grows the audience by an order of magnitude. Short, intense, endlessly watchable combat that thrives in the Twitch era. A game that is tournament-ready, with both online and offline events. One that has the character archetypes you've come to master, but brings something new to challenge you.

Production has begun. Join us for the journey by following us on Twitter, as we'll be discussing development, eSports, and the many things necessary to make a community-built game.

Join Us At Genesis

January 15-17, we will be at Genesis 3 to conduct research, interview players, and, of course, compete. If you're attending, we'd love to hear from you!

Tweet at us to set up a friendly. We'll even have some schwag to give out. Tell us what you want in a Platform Fighter, and have a voice in the next era of eSports.

We'll see you there. Let's play.