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Mission Statement

We Are Wavedash


Mission Statement

We Are Wavedash

Wavedash Games is an independent game publisher based out of Oakland, California, founded with the express goal of combining seasoned game development talent with grassroots community passion. Our team comes from across the industry: Riot and Blizzard, Bioware and Kixeye, Sony and Twitch, and more.

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Aaron Krasnov
Lead Product Manager

Adam Oliver
Game Designer

Alejandro Rodriguez
Lead Animator

Alex Erlandson
Technical Director

Anthony Chester
Associate Environment Artist

Chris Lockwood
Associate Gameplay Engineer

Edison Luong
Gameplay Engineer

Eric Whelpley
Senior Server Engineer

Grace Shen
Senior Brand Manager

Jason Rice
Creative Director

Jordan Campbell

Josh Singh
Art Director

Justin Prazen
Technical Artist

Kalen Chock
Senior Concept Artist

Kara Klaczynski
Office Manager

Kienan Lafferty
Senior Concept Artist

Kris Orpilla
Senior VFX Artist

Marissa Huculak

Matt Fairchild
Chief Executive Officer

Matt Siegel
Gameplay Engineer

Michael Hamilton
Senior Gameplay Engineer

Michael Maurino
Senior Concept Artist

Taylor Giampaolo
QA Analyst

Ted Dobyns
Gameplay Engineer

Thomas Moyles
Project Manager

Tim Hume
Game Systems Engineer

Twain Martin
Lead Server Engineer

Wes Ruttle
Lead Game Designer

Will Hsiao
Community Manager

Wavedash Values

Our Values

Wavedash Values

Our Values

Be a Champion

Being a champion requires rigorous self improvement and the desire to place yourself in challenging situations. True champions treat their teammates with respect, learn from experience and constantly, constantly practice.


Everyone is a Community Manager

The community is our single greatest strength, and delighting the community is the single most important mission. We fight for everyone, and every member of the team is part of the fight.


The Best Games are Social

Games are the most powerful social force in the world. We believe in the power of play that brings people together, be it through competition, cooperation or creativity. Many of us owe our careers and our friendships to games.

Embrace Diversity

Seek to include rather than exclude. From diversity of playstyles to diversity of players, growing the pie leads to better games and better people.


Play to Win

We're here to play, and we're here to win. The two are not mutually exclusive.